Training 10-14-2019

By AJ 0

Warm Up: Joint Mobility/Dynamic

Strength: Squat (Drop Set)

3 x 20

Immediately AFTER each set perform the following, increasing +1 each new set:
1 x DxKB ManMaker

*Rest 90-120 seconds between efforts
*Work to apply a 1 breath cadence to your Squats
Drop Set = Starting this strength Block you will begin your first set of squats at a weight not to exceed 50-55% of your true 1rm. This is not a goal but a cap to start your first set at. In each following set you will drop 10-20#s from the bar. This being week 1, if you have a heavier squat we recommend the 20# drop as this will set the pace for the next 4 week block.
*Your ManMaker super set can increase in weight each new set. This is not mandatory but can be used with the squat laid drop as you increase your ManMaker reps as well. Going 1 rep in the first set, 2 in the second and 3 in your third and final set.


30 Double Unders
10 KB Snatch Windmills 35/26 (5R/5L)
8 Strict Ring Dips
42 Double Unders
14 KB Snatch WindMills 35/26 (7R/7L)
10 Strict Rings Dips
60 Double Unders
20 KB Snatch WindMills 35/26 (10R/10L)
12 Strict Rings Dips

Active BodyBuilding Option for members.

Cool Down: 3-5 Minutes of light monostructural work (row,jog,bike,skip rope,etc)


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