CrossFit Classes: At Hinge, we apply CrossFit-style training in structured one hour classes, available six days a week. A member of our coaching staff leads the class through a general warm-up, and then explains the workout of the day at the whiteboard. After whiteboard, the coach leads the class through a teaching progression. Athletes are supervised by the coach through their strength work, and conditioning. Athletes are exposed to training that includes Kettlebells, basic bodyweight training, olympic lifting, powerlifting, gymnastics and many more training styles.

Flow Classes are 30-minute group classes that are coach-led and are a blend of kettlebell and calisthenic training that deliver huge results in a very small amount of time.

Teen Classes are 60-minute group classes that are available for individuals ages 14-19, and teach the skills necessary to join other group classes. Cohorts start on a monthly basis, and scholarships are available.

FreeStyle: These are specialty classes designed by our Head Coaches, which are both very physically and technically demanding in nature. We encourage you to speak with a coach to see which FreeStyle classes may be best for you and your training.

Kettlebell Foundations is a 3-week course that teaches the basics of both Kettlebell and bodyweight movements. At the completion of the course, clients have the necessary skills to attend both CrossFit Classes and Flow Classes.