“By far, the biggest impact joining CrossFit Hinge has had in my life has been outside of the gym. I’m so much more active now! I used to get winded by normal day to day activities all the time that don’t even phase me now. I used to be so afraid of hurting myself I would shy away from being active or even doing specific chores around my house. Now I’m far more comfortable and confident in my body’s abilities. I’m sleeping better, my anxiety has decreased, I’m generally happier and calmer, and my confidence and desire to challenge myself in the gym has now flowed into every area of my life.”


– Erin M, 41
“I love the people at CrossFit Hinge – the coaches work hard to plan out the workouts to be both useful and achievable for everyone. All of the folks working out, the athletes, are a great cross section of the community. Regardless of any demographic category you want to pick, you’ll probably find someone that’s in that niche.”


– Rich K, 54
“Today my weight loss is at 53lbs and counting. There have been so many positive changes in my life that I hadn’t even contemplated. Choosing to wear pants with a waist band, looking forward to getting in and out of the pool on vacation, and the biggest one of all, when my daughter came to visit.  She gave me a hug when she walked in and stepped back to look at me. I’ll always remember what she said – “You’ve lost a lot of weight. I’m proud of you”
Thank you to the coaches at CrossFit Hinge. None of this would have been possible without your help.”


– Randy
“I love that AJ, and Zach pay attention to their members like they are family. They care about us! I appreciate that they are willing to modify your workout due to your body not feeling totally up to par, or due to a previous injury.  They care about you and your overall health and wellbeing.
As of today, I have lost a total of 12 lbs.  I can run further and longer. I am able to achieve many workout activities that I could have never done before joining CrossFit Hinge. I feel stronger and have more endurance, and I feel better about my body appearance.”


– Carla K., 55
“What I love about CrossFit Hinge is the community. We all make a personal commitment, for one reason or another, to find the time in our day to get into the gym and overcome a little bit of hardship. Through the shared experience of a Hinge class, bonds develop that transcend social and economic barriers. Simply put, in pursuit of a good workout, I ended up joining a tribe.”


– Michael D Sargent Jr, 33