Our Coaches

Zach Filer

Head coach, Co-owner

Zach Filer is the owner and Head Coach at CrossFit Hinge.


Along with being the Head Coach, Zach is also the Vice President of Kettlebell Rx. He has been teaching Kettlebell courses all over the world for CrossFit the last 7 years and was mentored by Kettlebell Rx’s creator, Jeff Martone. Zach can also be found working as a Lead Instructor for the Tactical Athlete seminar staff, and teaches annually at the Power Monkey Fitness Camp with Jeff.


He has over ten years of experience in the fitness industry and a large catalog of athletes from all walks of life.
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Adrianna “AJ” Kara

Manager, Co-owner

Adrianna “AJ” Kara has been coaching since 2012, and has completed coaching internships with three different gyms, in two different countries. She has an MBA from Seatte University, and an undergraduate degree from the University of Victoria in BC.


AJ began her journey in Kettlebell Sport with Zach in 2016, and holds a Master of Sport in the 20kg Long Cycle, a Master of Sport in the 16kg Half Marathon (30 min) Long Cycle, and 844 reps in the 16kg Marathon (60 min) Long Cycle, which stands as a unofficial World record as it was performed at a charity event.


Matt Brenton

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Tabbitha Cobb

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Kate Whetsel

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