Training 6-13-18

By AJ 0

Warm-up: Joint Mobility/Dynamic

Strength: Perform either A or B

A) 3 x 5 Close Grip Bench press

Immediately AFTER each set perform the following DB Complex Twice Unbroken

5 Supinated Grip Row
5 Hang Muscle Cleans
5 Bent Over Rows
5 Hang Power Cleans

*Rest 90-120 seconds

B) Gymnastics Strength/Super Set

Perform 5 series of the following lifts

5 Yates Rows
5 Hip Thrusts
2-3 Muscleups or 3-5 Russian Dips

*Choose a weight on the hip thrusts that allows for full glute activation. This is Strength work and NOT FOR TIME. Ideally the muscleups are all Unbroken so if need be, give yourself time to make this happen.


Every 2 1/2 Minutes for 10 Minutes

100 Foot Bear Crawl
7 Deadlifts 115/75
5 Hang Power Cleans 115/75
3 Hang Full Cleans 115/75

*The goal is to complete the work each round as fast as possible

Cool Down: 3-5 Minutes of light monostructural work (row,jog,bike,skip rope,etc)


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