CrossFit Hinge Head Coach Zach Filer is also the founder of Iron Club Athletics. The Iron Club training system and style is represented world wide by six Iron Club Charters. Zach is also the Head of Programming for CrossFit Kettlebell and a Lead Instructor for Tactical Athlete. Zach has over ten years of experience in the fitness industry. This includes but is not limited to competive athlete training, running personal training facilities, CrossFit gyms, 7 years of professional seminar instructing, rehab work and nutritional advice. This large depth of experience has led to other coaches seeking out his advice. As the need grew, he decided to create an internship and satellite consulting program.

Goals of the Internship

The goals of the internship are to prepare coaches to:

  • Run a successful training facility
  • Apply different principles of coaching
  • Understand different methods of program design, and implement them in individual, group and class settings


This Internship can be performed online or on-site at CrossFit Hinge. To find out more about the requirements, expectations and initial intern essay, please get in touch.