Getting started at CrossFit Hinge is as simple as coming in for your first workout, free.


Contact us to schedule an intro time or simply walk in to try a class.

New to Training

Under the watchful eye of our coaches, specialists in strength, conditioning, and sport performance, you will learn to push your body safely. Some of the workouts at CrossFit Hinge may be a bit foreign compared to what you are used to seeing in traditional gyms, but you will find that your skill set quickly grows and develops along with your comfort with our programs.


CrossFit Hinge does offer individualized training as well as open gym hours but we encourage everyone to try out our instructor led group classes! Our staff is comprised of professional coaches and we take pride in our ability to help members of all levels of skill and physical capability find ways to progress toward their goals. We know every athlete is unique, and your coaches quickly get to know you and your comfort level as it comes to training.


Experienced Athlete

Everyone at CrossFit Hinge is exposed to programming that will help to develop strength, skills, and a solid base of cardiovascular endurance. For those athletes with previous CrossFit or other sport specific experience we offer several different program options for you. Our coaching staff works with diverse populations and is comfortable training athletes from all areas of sports and other performance aspects. For those coming in with specific goals, our coaches are here to help.
Training at CrossFit Hinge grants you access directly to our coaches as well as exclusive members only programs. You can check out examples of our publicly posted programs online written by our Head Coach below:


CrossFit Hinge Training Log

CrossFit Kettlebell Training Log

Active Bodybuilding


Our coaches are always available to discuss your goals. If these currently extend past simply getting started then let us know. We’re here to not only help you achieve your goals, but surpass them as well.