Fresh Tactics is a podcast about fitness and physical culture, with the occasional (ok, more than occasional) sidebar about movies, cheat meals and generally shooting the shit.

The hosts, Zach and AJ, run CrossFit Hinge in Seattle, Washington and are both instructors for the CrossFit Kettlebell course.

Zach has been in the fitness industry since 2006. He is one of only two Lead instructors, along with Jeff Martone, for CrossFit Kettlebell and is also the head of programming for the course. He has two dogs that he treats like children, and still thinks cargo shorts are a good option in the year 2018.

AJ is a Canadian, and has been doing CrossFit since she was a teenager. She treats the gym dogs more like partners in crime and can often be found commiserating with them over Zach’s bad jokes. AJ moved to Seattle in 2015, and as you will hear, is still holding tough on that Canadian accent.

They’re back, with better mics! Zach & AJ discuss the benefits of isolation exercise & bodybuilding for athletes in CrossFit and other sports. Spoiler alert: there are many.

Zach & AJ talk about their favorite bad days in the gym. Zach does say “just a quick background…” and then talks about himself for 15 min (4:00 – 22:00). He also tries to talk about Fortnite, and says it completely wrong (we are geeks about different stuff)

Around the 25 minute mark, we start actually talking about our favourite “things went really wrong” stories in the gym. If you’re a gym owner or a coach who is having a bad day, this one is for you. You’ll walk away with a smile, reassured that this does actually happen to everyone, and inspired to keep doing what you’re doing.

At the end of episode 2, Zach’s question was “What is your favorite diagnostic movement?” and it turned into a whole episode!

Zach and AJ spend the first 10 minutes of the show talking about the dogs, and then start talking about Prebok and dorky CrossFit stuff. For a long time. 20 Minutes of dorky CrossFit stuff.

At the 28 minute mark, we finally start talking about diagnostic movement and the importance of hinging. Zach rants a little bit at the end, but in an educational kind of way.

Zach and AJ talk about three types of Strength Training:




And how athletes in every sport need all three (to varying degrees).

These thoughtful, intelligent insights are interspersed between stories about Zach’s Coach (and AJ’s Grand-coach), Jeff Martone and some serious shit-talking.

As for our questions of the day – AJ’s is Millennial-themed (ugh, Millennials) and Zach’s question is so deeply thought-provoking it turned into the topic of Episode 3.

Get to know Zach and AJ in this inaugural episode of Fresh Tactics