Our Vision:

For all individuals to build a foundation of physical literacy and healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Our Mission:

To provide an environment where individuals receive personal mentorship and strength and conditioning coaching from world-class coaches, for free.

Through our non-profit, 206 South, we are creating a safe environment where teens and adults receive guidance and support that promotes self-confidence and positions them to achieve and succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Through embracing physical culture, our members learn self-discipline, persistence and tenacity, participants feel greater belief in their abilities, show more care for their bodies and health, and feel what it means to be connected to, and valued by a community of like-minded, high-achieving individuals.

About Us

206 South was created by CrossFit Hinge owners Zach Filer and Adrianna “AJ” Kara.

Zach and AJ had a vision to serve both adults and teens in the less affluent communities of Seattle, particularly as they have witnessed all of the changes that the Seattle growth has had on lower-income families and communities.

In January 2019, Zach and AJ moved their gym from SoDo to the South Park community. They did so to create a space where they could offer a sliding scale membership plan for adults, and a free program for teens.

“We have created a space and community that embraces physical training and positive aspects of physical culture without any income barriers.

High-level physical training and a healthy, fitness-focused community shouldn’t be a luxury for the lucky few.

It should be accessible to anyone with the drive and commitment to improve themselves and go beyond what they thought they might be capable of, and our 206 South program makes that a reality in Seattle.”

– Zach & AJ

Sliding Scale

We offer discounted memberships to individuals who qualify based on their income and number of dependents.


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206 Teens

Our teen classes are FREE to youth ages 13-19

Classes are Monday through Thursday, 4:30-5:30pm


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206 Teams

We work with both Club and School teams to provide Strength and Conditioning training, as well as team building.


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